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COVID-19 Testing

Dear I.S. 24 Families,


We are looking forward to the arrival of students beginning on October 1, 2020 with the Group B students on Thursday. We must also inform you of some communication from the Department of Education regarding Random Sampling Testing of students for COVID-19.


The New York City Department of Education would like to share the following information with you.


"One crucial element of our approach to keeping everyone safe as the year unfolds will be random monthly testing of students and staff for COVID-19 in school buildings. That’s why we have partnered with NYC Health + Hospitals, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and the NYC Test & Trace Corps to arrange for testing of NYC DOE students and staff for COVID-19 infection." 


Attached you will find a letter and FAQ that describes this initiative, along with a consent form you need to sign and return for the DoE to administer a COVID-19 test to a student. The DoE states "it is vital that we receive as many consent forms as possible so please comply with this request." We know there will be many questions, and we are hopeful that these documents will answer them. Translations are available at 


The Department of Education is also sharing that "beginning in October, our testing partners will test a randomly selected group of staff and students in schools once per month. The number of children and staff to be tested each month will depend on the size of the school population. In addition to the random monthly testing, we are also working hard to offer in-school testing later this year for students who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or are a confirmed close contact of someone in the school who has tested positive. The test is easy, quick, and safe. This test is a short, small swab (like a Q-Tip) that goes just in the front of the nose, instead of the “long swab” that goes in the back of the nose. Later this school year, it is possible that tests will be administered by collecting a small amount of saliva (spit). The success of this testing initiative relies on the partnership and cooperation of staff and students."


Our school will provide copies of the consent form which is attached here to students on the following first day of in-person learning:


Thursday, October 1- GROUP B

Friday, October 2- GROUP C

Tuesday, October 6- GROUP A


If you can print the consent form on your own and have your student submit it that would be helpful as well. We understand as parents/guardians you may have questions or concerns. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions first int he attached document and if then you are still in need of support please reach out to us. 


Our Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Barbara Nuzzolo may be reached at 718-982-4700 x2402 or




Lenny Santamaria