Principal's Message


Dear I.S. 24 Families,

As we near the final weeks of  2022 we have much to be thankful and hopeful for.  Up until now we have welcomed back our students to a school with fewer Covid-19 protocols, we have tested our students through ELA and Mathematics academic screenings using the i-Ready program and the results are being used in classrooms to make adjustments to student learning and we have observed our students continue to show resilience.

Our Faculty and Staff along with 1,271 students have been living and learning in a new normal as best as possible.  With that, we have and will continue to see some changes.  Specifically;

  • The adoption of a new electronic gradebook for teachers, students as well as families to observe student progress.
  • An increase in school spirit days to celebrate many different events and bring some fun back to school.
  • The completion of a renovation to two Science classrooms and a Media classroom all courtesy of former Staten Island  Borough President Oddo and NYC Councilman Borelli.
  • An upgrade to student bathrooms through continued renovations and remodeling.
  • The SHSAT administration to over one hundred eighth graders.

 The areas we continually monitor and ask for continued partnership and support  


  • Student attendance goal of 95% or higher each month
  • Participation by all families with 100% completion of School Meals Application in school.   We ask for 100% compliance!
  • All families submitting a school meal application before the end of November.


I can personally admit my pride for our students is immense.  Our students display maturity, honesty, responsibility and teamwork day by day.   Please accept my thanks for your support but above all your trust and cooperation.  I stand by your side as we move our students to improve and become better versions of themselves.

You may follow us on Instagram and Facebook, our school website, listen for us on phone blast messages on occasion and in times of emergencies.  You may now download our app so you can receive push notifications, texts and alerts as well.

Best wishes to you all for a safe and healthy Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season to all who celebrate.  I am especially thankful for your ongoing support and assistance in the education of our young people.


Lenny Santamaria