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Principal's Message

Dear I.S. 24 Families:


As we begin another school year, I want to welcome you all back as we also welcome our new sixth grade families to I.S. 24 as well. I am very excited to begin another school year with you as we also celebrate continued achievements and progress together.


By now, your children are coming home and reporting what they are learning, taking part in and what is expected of them. The faculty and staff of our school are committed to giving your child the best opportunity to succeed and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.


As a large comprehensive Middle School, it is important for all students to establish a good record of academic achievement, excellent attendance, responsibility, good character and a positive attitude. Middle School provides many opportunities for social growth along with the development of self-discipline, teamwork and good decision making skills. Unfortunately, we only have three years to do this in. Therefore it is best we (school and families) do this important work together.


Some new information about this school year is:


Seventh Grade students will continue to take part in College and Career awareness under Chancellor Carranza’s Equity and Excellence plan to engage middle school students to think about the future.


Our school will continue to partner with the NYC Department of Health on topics that promote Mental Health Awareness throughout our School and Community. This initiative will provide students and families as well as staff a School Mental Health Consultant to support our needs as they arise.


Through the gracious and dedicated volunteer work and fundraising of the 2018-2019 I.S. 24 PTA President and Executive Board, along with volunteers, electrical outlets for several classrooms have been installed around the school to support growing technology use in classrooms. We have also seen the addition of a new digital marquee in front of our building.


Through the gracious support of NYC Councilman Joseph Borelli a technology upgrade to our school has taken place with the delivery of new laptop computers as well as other electronic tools to support instruction. The addition of new teacher computers has also been made possible through this upgrade.


Through the support of NYS Senator Lanza, Borough President Oddo and former City Councilman Ignizio our auditorium renovation project has finally begun after three years of planning.


An upgrade to our school facilities will make ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) enhancements to several bathrooms, building entrances and the Cafeteria to accommodate all who use our building.


Through a RESO A Grant by Borough President James Oddo we will see an upgrade to two classrooms for instruction in Science.


This, along with much more to come, makes us The Pride of Great Kills!


If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the teacher, specifically, our Parent Coordinator, Guidance Counselor, a Dean or your child’s Assistant Principal. We are all here to assist you in any way we can.


Best wishes for a very successful school year!




Lenny Santamaria