Principal's Message

Dear I.S. 24 Parents/Guardians:

As we near the last few weeks of school in 2020 we have much to be hopeful and thankful for even with all the uncertainty and lack of understanding of what the future holds.  Up until this point we have welcomed back students to in-person learning, we have faced some unfortunate school building closures for Department of Health investigations and we have learned to live and manage in a two school model between remote only and blended learning students. As current shift to remote learning for all will hopefully be temporary.

The next few weeks will hopefully bring some optimism and positive news regarding:
      +    More students moving from Remote only to Blended Learning Model

  • Some possible new programming opportunities for students
  • The eventual completion of our auditorium, bathroom upgrades and signage renovations
  • Increased School Spirit Days for Students and Staff to celebrate and take part in.
  • Yearbook photos for our 8th graders.

Areas that our school continually monitors is the:

  • Percentage of families who have completed the School Meal Applications
  • Percentage of families who have provided consent for COVID-19 testing in school
  • Student attendance percentage.  We must strive as best as possible to be over 90% each month.

I would like to inform all families we could not be prouder of our students in Group A, B, C on in-person learning days.  We see maturity, awareness, patience and cooperation each and every day.  Please accept my thanks and appreciation for your partnership, cooperation and above all your support.  I stand with you as a parent to work through all the challenges we face and my hope is to stand on the other side of all our challenges together.  Our Group D students in remote only settings have been awesome in keeping up with changes and updates and we notice the perseverance shown.  

Please be sure to continue checking your Pupilpath e-mails, Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) and our website  During emergencies we will also reach out on a telephone robocall.

Best wishes to everyone for a healthy and safe Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.  I sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and assistance in the education of our young people.


Lenny Santamaria,