Principal's Message

Dear I.S. 24 Families:


As we reach the mid-point of the school year I am shocked as to how quickly we have arrived here.  Before we know it our minds will turn to Spring and warmer weather.  The months of February and March are important ones in the calendar as many events are taking place.  We will be distributing a calendar of events for the remainder of the year shortly on our website and backpacked home as well.  We will continue our communication through Pupilpath, phone blasts and our website with reminders.


Some highlights of our year thus far….

-Grade 7 taking part in College Access for All campus trips and classroom seminars

-Community fundraising efforts for multiple local and national charities

-Participation of students performing at local sites in Chorus and Dance to share holiday cheer in


-A great performance in Dance, Chorus and Band for a Holiday Concert during the PTA Fair.

-Participation of over 300 on most days students in our After School Activities between CHAMPS, Wrestling,  UAU, After-School Center and Night Center.


For the last four months we have had a student attendance rate of over 95% and we hope to continue until June 2020 as it is one of our goals as a school.  We understand as educators and parents, students can become ill and need to recover and get well.  Please remember to remind your child(ren) to keep a phone number or two of a classmate to retrieve missing homework assignments and notes while out sick.  It is also important that students with fever stay home for at least 24 hours to feel better.


When students are well they should remain in school and we graciously ask for your support in making appointments or managing personal business matters after the school day when possible.  Please support our goal of 95% attendance for the next few months.  The graph below shows how much instructional time is lost over a year based on days absent.



                                                       Attendance Rate Chart

% Rate of Attendance                        Days Absent                  Approximation of Instruction Missed

            95%                                                    9                                             0.5 months       

90%                                                  18                                               1 month

            85%                                                  27                                             1.5 months

            80%                                                  37                                              2 months

            75%                                                  46                                              2.5 months

            70%                                                  55                                               3 months

            65%                                                  64                                              3.5 months

             60%                                                 73                                              4 months




I would like to also share that many renovation projects are scheduled to take place at our school.

Our Auditorium, student and staff bathrooms, signage emergency lighting and accessibility upgrades are all underway with expected completion by October 2020.  We hope to also continue the renovation of Science classrooms a Special Education Resource Center and hopefully receive funding for a STEM learning space as well.






                                                                                                                                                                  Lenny Santamaria