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Talent classes offered at Myra S. Barnes Intermediate School

May, 2021
Dear Parent/Guardian:
Below you will find a listing of the Talent classes offered at Myra S. Barnes Intermediate School.
Students are introduced to various elements on how theatrical productions, computer technology and the graphic arts work side by side with one another. Classes concentrate on drawing and design skills through exciting projects each year. In eighth grade students utilize the talents, skills, and techniques they developed during the first two years and apply it to our school productions. Students will complete the program by staging the school musical from the opening curtain to the final bow.
The Band Program at I.S. 24 is dedicated to the musical growth of our students. In establishing a positive and enjoyable environment, we hope to inspire our students to embrace a love for music and to develop an enthusiasm to make music well beyond Intermediate School. Our Band Program includes Junior and Senior Band, as well as Jazz Band as and After School Activity. Sixth grade students who have completed two years of training on a band instrument in elementary school are programmed into Junior Band. Seventh graders are either plaed in Junior Band or Senior Band. Eighth graders are programmed for Senior Band. Jazz Band is also an extra-curricular activity open to select student musicians. Pep Band is a small Concert Band ensemble that is used for special occasions and is made up of select seventh and eighth grade students. The talent and hard work of our students is showcased in performances throughout the school year both at the school and in the community. The bands perform in both the Holiday and Spring Concerts, at assembly programs, our Performing Arts production and in local parades or community concerts when appropriate.
Lights, Camera, Action! Our exciting Media Program offers a variety of avenues for our students to create, perform and participate in the arts – from learning improvisation skills and presentation techniques, to creating their own music video in the eighth grade. Students are taught to use equipment available to them including opportunities in photography, video recorders for taping commercials and news programs, video cameras and computers for video editing. Students also review a variety of works in the arts, including movies viewed in class, especially those that will develop their understanding of the diverse cultures in the arts and society in general.
Our new school dance talent is designed for beginning/intermediate level students alike who are interested in improving his/her movement skills. We will focus on a wide range of vocabulary, structure and techniques that encompass the art of dance. Dance students will participate in school performances in order to showcase their talents. After school activities in dance are also available.
The Performing Arts Program combines two talents: Vocal Music and Drama. The sixth and seventh grade Performing Arts classes concentrate on singing and acting skills. They are included in several performances, including the Winter and Spring concerts, and special assemblies. Students in chorus have has many exciting activities. They have traveled during the Holiday season to several locations including S.I. Yankee Stadium and the Borough Hall Tree Lighting. They also rehearse and perform the spring Musical Production where all of their skills (singing, acting, dancing, etc.) are utilized. Students hold jobs such as Assistant Director, Choreographer and Stage Managers, and are exposed to a full musical theatre experience.
**Any student who is placed in Honors and selects Band, Performing Arts, Dance, Art or Media will have a three year course of study in that subject along with a World Language in Italian or Spanish.**
**Any non-honors class student will receive Talent classes over three years and will be able to experience a World Language for one year while with us.**