Principal’s Message

Mr. Santamaria with students
Dear I.S. 24 Families:
How quickly we have arrived to this point! As I can still recall our new students entering on the first day of school, I now turn to offer well wishes to you all as another school year is about to close.
Congratulations are also in order to all of you departing for high school. I am truly saddened by the way in which we are ending this school year and for what the future holds. With so many events canceled and the uncertainty of the next school year on our minds this is a very difficult time for the staff, students and families alike. This shortened in-person school year did have success to celebrate.
Some of them include:
- A 95% attendance rate for the school year before we moved to remote learning due to COVID-19.
- A continued collaboration with our UAU After-School Program, CHAMPS, Beat the Streets Wrestling, CASA Intrepid Program and After School Center which has allowed hundreds of students to take part in activities after 2:00PM.
- The start to a renovation of our Auditorium, student bathrooms, front entrance and making our building more accessible for all who use it.
- A Partnership with Borough President Oddo in securing funds for the complete renovation of another two Science Classrooms.
- One of the highest percentages in District 31 of students interacting in remote learning with teachers and staff. In the upcoming year we look forward to:
- Continued collaboration with our newly elected P.T.A. Executive Board.
- Learning about our graduates who have moved on to High School and beyond.
- Welcoming over four hundred new students in the sixth grade. - Continuing our work around community awareness, academic and personal behaviors and how our students are taught to make the right choice in preparation for High School.
- The continued renovation of spaces around our school
- Coming to school as a community of learners with respect for one another.
Each year as Principal I am excited to see how our students, after ten quick months and even three short years come to amaze, surprise and encourage us all. This year has been no exception as all our students will remember these times well into the future and they will be better for it. Having experienced these trying times it is my hope that this generation sees the importance of important career fields that are needed to make a community successful. Thank you for working with us in the preparation of your child(ren) for future success. We value your support as a partner in this awesome journey.
it is released as you make any future plans. Please see all upcoming events below for May –June. I wish all our families a healthy and safe summer and look forward to a productive start when we return in September.
Lenny Santamaria Principal