Principal’s Message

Mr. Santamaria with students
March 16, 2023

Dear I.S. 24 Parents and Guardians:

I am writing at this time in the hopes you can assist me. The four points below pertain to matters in and out of school and with your assistance, our work and re-direction with students and the cooperation of the entire school community we will be in a better place...together.

1)  I meet weekly along with other school leaders with the NYPD Precinct Commander at the 122PCT for a virtual meeting to discuss concerns in and around schools. I have shared that the residents around our school are growing frustrated with cars blocking driveways and sometimes even parking in driveways to either pick-up or drop-off students. The NYPD does not wish for negative relations with the community, but they are bound to enforce laws and they have begun issuing summonses for traffic and parking violations and they will continue doing so. Please be mindful of how and where you park before school begins and before the end of the school day. Please follow traffic and parking rules respectfully. 
Also, I have notified the NYPD that several businesses on Hylan Boulevard are engaged in activity where they are selling vapes and wax pens to minors. We noted three businesses specifically and we are hopeful the NYPD will continue its work to target businesses that engage in this activity, so it may stop. Please continue the conversations with your child(ren) on the harm and danger associated with these items.  As a rule, the DoE does not permit these items in school and students will face disciplinary action if seen with these smoking devices or are in possession and using the items on school property. 

2) The NYC DoE School Surveys have been released and as of this date the response rate has been very low. I ask that you please complete the survey on or before the deadline of March 31, 2023, so we can receive your feedback to make improvements and celebrate what we are doing well. The surveys are anonymous, and I receive the results in late June as they assist me in decisions on future plans. The feedback you provide is important to us and I hope you can assist. Over 400 surveys have already been submitted and I thank you for your participation and time. Students, Teachers and Support Staff also participate in the survey.

3) The New York state ELA and Math examinations in Grade 6-8 are taking place soon. The ELA exam is April 19-20 and the Mathematics exam is May 2-3.  Any school which does not test 95% or more of the students can be cited by the New York State Education Department. Let's use this opportunity to see how our students are performing so our school or the High School they will attend can assist in making progress but also know where our strengths are. These exams are only one small way we measure progress, but it is important to know how we are meeting standards set by the State Education Department. Please discuss the importance of the exams with your child(ren).

4) Students in our school who are eligible for yellow bus service (stop-to-school)are assigned to a bus based on a stop near the zoned home address. This is how we know bus capacity is safely maintained.  When a student or parent/guardian decides to take another bus not assigned to the student out of convenience or any other reason we have a situation where seats are not available for students. Please only use the yellow bus assigned to your child and no others. We have had complaints where students were riding overcrowded buses and we have had to address this matter. For the safety and well being of all students please do not have a child ride a bus not assigned to them.

Lastly, Spring Recess will be approaching shortly and schools will be closed April 6-14. I would like to wish you and your family safe travels, a happy holiday and an opportunity to enjoy some Spring weather. 
Lenny Santamaria