SYEP Application Now Open

SYEP provides NYC youth ages 14-21 with in-person and remote job opportunities for 6 weeks during the summer. Younger Youth (14-15) are immersed in Project Based Learning for 12.5 hours a week for a stipend total of $700.
There are a great many opportunities for Younger Youth to be engaged in SYEP at NYCID. This summer, we are incorporating a hybrid PBL model which will consist of virtual and in-person programming centered around community development.
Youth must be 14 by July 1, 2024. Attached is a video that will walk participants through the application process with ease. Please use the SYEP hotline and email address where specialists are readily available to answer any questions that participants may have and to assist them with the application process. [email protected] or phone number (347) 378-9578 to your students. Application Instructional Video:
Apply here: 
At the end of the application:1. Choose SYEP Community2. Click on Primary Provider3. Search for New York Center for Interpersonal Development4. Select New York Center for Interpersonal Development under the map.5. Submit Application
All applications will be sent to New York Center for Interpersonal Development until we reach capacity.