Lunch Forms

Dear Parent/Guardian;

We are excited to share that school lunch will continue to be free for all Middle School students this year thanks in part to the New York City Council and Department of Education.

This is a year- to-year decision and may change next school year.  At this time, we ask that all families continue to fill out eligibility forms.  You can log-on to the website below or fill out a paper form.  The deadline to fill out the form is October 31, 2023.  To all families who have already filled out an application, we thank  you for your time and attention to this matter.  If you are in need of a paper application please contact the school attendance office at 718-982-4700 ext. 2322 and we will provide one to your child.  

The information you provide will help determine if free lunch for all middle school students will be available again in the future and also can provide financial assistance to our school.

One application per family is required to be submitted before October 31, 2023.  Submitting an online application is quick and easy and we hope you choose to do so as soon as possible.

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