Parent Letter from Mr. Santamaria


Dear Barnes Families,

On Friday, February 10, 2023  we will mark the end of the second marking period as

we are in the second half of the school year.  At this time I offer some suggestions and reminders to you in our ongoing effort to support our students and school.

-Remember to read messages sent home on Jupiter from our school.  Many letters

and notices are shared this way.  We also place alerts and messages on our social media pages, the Schoolapp as well as our website   

      -When students exit the building each day, many are seen turning on electronic devices as they may be calling you or sending you a message.  As I understand the necessity of this, please remind your child(ren) to be aware of surroundings.  Specifically, not to walk and text while crossing the street or using earphones while walking home.  This limits a child’s ability to navigate their surroundings and is unsafe.  We also ask you to continue to remind your child that electronic devices are not to be used while in the building unless authorized to do so.  They are to be hidden away and off.  Refrain from text messaging your child while in class or lunch as this causes disruptions.  Students must also be aware if they misplaced a phone it is not the school’s responsibility to look for it.  Devices are not lost if they are put away until the end of school day. 

      -During the winter months and the temperature is below 32 degrees we hold our students indoors during the morning lineup.  For recess or Physical Education classes during cold weather days, and no snow or ice is visible, we give students a choice to engage in recess and Physical Education activities. When below freezing temperatures are evident students will remain indoors for lineup and recess. 

       -During morning arrival please be sure you stop and drop then drive when approaching the school with your child(ren).  Do not drop students off into traffic and please do not have conversations or extend your stop with your child(ren) as cars and buses need to continually move around our perimeter. Always be mindful of your surroundings and follow directions of school crossing guard or school staff. 

As a reminder Public Schools in New York City are closed February 20-24 for mid-Winter recess and April 6-14 for Spring Recess.  All other important dates and information can be seen on our website

We are continually reminding students the lost and found is available in the Cafeteria everyday to retrieve lost jackets/coats or lunch boxes. 

Thank you for your continued support in the safety and care of our students. 


Lenny Santamaria