Jupiter Electronic Gradebook

Dear I.S. 24 Families,
The reverse side of this letter contains the information to begin logging into the Jupiter Electronic Gradebook. We have finally been able to secure a platform that is safe and secure to provide electronic gradebook access along with the ability for Teachers to communicate with you on student progress and conduct in school. As a reminder, the need to have a platform of this type was necessary after Pupilpath was longer permitted to be used in NYC schools and no other substitute platform was available that met our needs. Please accept our sincere thanks for your patience and understanding while we waited for a replacement program. Maintaining a school to home line of communication benefits students and strengthens our partnership together.
The log-in information on the reverse side provides access to both students and a parent/guardian.
Parents and guardians are to make sure that your account in the NYC Schools Account is set up.  If your account is not yet set up, a letter was sent home with your child on 12/8/22 containing instructions on how to set up this account.  The NYC Schools Account has important information such as past grades, attendance (past and current), Assessment information, transportation information and your child's schedule.  Our new grading book, Jupiter, will also be getting important information from this account, so it is essential that you have your NYC Schools account set up. The difference between the two platforms is that Jupiter will provide you with up-to-date grade information.
Please also download our new School App.  You can find this in your App Store under Myra S. Barnes, and it is free!  This app is an important tool for communication.  In the app you will receive important news notifications, see the school calendar and staff directory.  You can also opt in for push notifications which we use to alert you of important events going on at the school or if an emergency is taking place. We are no longer using the I.S. 24 Band App so you may remove it as it's no longer a necessary tool.
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If you need help with any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact our Parent Coordinator, Joann Turano at extension 2402 or email [email protected] 



Lenny Santamaria