Bus letter for Sixth Grade Students, Parents and Guardians

June 1, 2022

Dear Sixth Grade Students, Parents and Guardians,

Student eligibility for transportation is based on two factors: the walking distance between the student’s home and school; and the student's grade level.  Eligibility may change for students as they progress through grade levels, or when there is an address change or transfer to a new school.  These changes affect mainly students advancing from grade 2 to grade 3, and students advancing from grade 6 to grade 7.

This letter is to inform you that your child’s eligibility may change for the upcoming school year, due to a grade level change.  The calculated walking distance from home to school has not changed; with the advance in grade, eligibility determinations change and your child will be eligible for half fare transportation with a Metrocard in September.

Starting August 31, all parents and guardians can find out their child’s bus information for the upcoming school year online or by calling OPT Customer Service Center.  To look up your child’s information online, visit: http://www.optnyc.org/parents/information.htm.  You will need to enter your child’s students ID number and date of birth to view the information. 

This letter is intended to be a pro-active measure in order to give you adequate notice to make appropriate arrangements for your child to travel to and from school next year.  If you choose, we can provide a half-fare MetroCard that is valid on MTA buses only.  To use the card, students must deposit half the fare in the fare box when boarding the bus.  Otherwise students will need to walk to school or be dropped off by car.

For additional information regarding eligibility for transportation, please visit: http://www.optnyc.org/parents/information.htm.


Lenny Santamaria

cc: J. Turano Principal