September 13, 2021: Parent/Guardian Messaging

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Just a reminder that your child will be dismissed at different exit doors each day based on the last class of the day is. Please consider the following:
  1. If you walk to the school to pick-up your child choose the same location near the building each day to meet at 2:20pm. 
  2. If you drive to pick-up your child park away from the school by about a block. You will never be permitted to park around the school from 2:00pm-2:30pm as the school buses arrive to prepare for dismissal. Choose the location where your child can meet you each day and walk back to your car together
  3. If your child takes the yellow school bus home they will walk to the the bus slot for their home. Bus slot numbers are painted on the ground around the school on Durant Avenue and on Cleveland Avenue.  Yellow School bus is only provided to eligible students in grade 6-8 based on home address and distance to the school. 
  4. If you child walks home they are to follow all traffic rules for crossing at corners for their safety.
No matter how you come to the school or how your child leaves you must always keep your own safety and that of all the students, staff and faculty in mind. Follow all traffic rules each and every day as we will be there in the morning and afternoon to support you and our students. 
Lastly, the Health Screening for students is best used if you fill it out at home each and every morning. Use this link to get there.
The health screening is required for every student to enter the building every day. Please fill it out at home and use your electronic device to display the result when you arrive at school. If you are not using an electronic device (smartphone) please print out a paper form and fill it out before your arrival each day. We will provide some copies in classrooms for those who may need blank health screening form. We will also provide limited copies at the entrance to school each morning.
Thank you for your immediate attention and support in this matter as we make the entry of students into school a smooth procedure.


Lenny Santamaria