Update for Families

Dear I.S. 24 Parents & Guardians,
We are writing at this time to provide information related to changes taking place at our school. Some of these changes are necessary based on the Grading Policy Guidance for remote and Blended Learning provided by the NYC Department of Education. Updates and more information can be found on this link here and attached to this message as well. 

Report Cards:
+Our school will move to three report cards instead of four for this school year. Please disregard prior dates we shared for four marking period report cards on the calendar. Parents and students will still be able to track progress using Pupilpath. The report cards for our students will be available on:
December 18, 2020 
March 19, 2021
June 25, 2021
+We will maintain a numerical grade scale (65-100) for all core subjects (ELA,SS, Sci, Math). 
+A Pass/Fail (P/F) grade will be used for Minors and Electives (PE, Health, Computers, Talents, World Language). 
+Any grade below a 65 will need to be reflected as a "NX" on report cards which is seen as a "course in progress." 
+The new grading policy shared by DoE will allow a parent/guardian to request a grade change for any final mark from 65-100 to reflect as a "P" so it is not factored into a grade point average.

As per the DoE..."After receiving final report cards, parents will have the option to replace their child’s final passing grades with one of the following (based upon the student’s grade level): 

  • Final passing grades for students in grades 6–8 may be replaced with 'P’ (pass). 


I will be consulting with the School Leadership Team today which is made up of parents, teachers, and administrators to decide on a clear way forward to recognize student achievement in matters such as Arista, Principal's List and Honor Roll as the guidance from the DoE suggests schools re-think how this is to take place for the current school year.


As a final reminder, the deadline for families to switch a student from fully remote learning to blended learning is November 15, 2020. We are so very happy to learn that many families have made the decision to return to in-person learning. If you wish to make the change and have not done so yet you may do so using the link here


I thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding in all school related matters. Also, thank you all, every one of you, for your support as we move each day to do this work together for our school community. 







Lenny Santamaria