Important Message from Mr. Santamaria

Dear I.S. 24 Families,
I am writing at this time to make you aware our school is continuing to make several changes to student programming which will impact or has already impacted programs at this time. These changes will be made within this month and we hope to have all changes made sometime on or around November 27, 2020 as we wait for more instructions from the Department of Education. The need for changes to be made to our student programs is based on many factors. Those factors are, but not limited to:
+Increased student movement to Remote Instruction at any time requiring new or restructured classes
+Students moving from Remote Instruction to Blended Learning requiring new placements in a class
+Loss of student enrollment causing classes to be combined due to less students present
+Contractual Labor Policies
+Changes by the NYC Department of Education to meet needs of schools in this unprecedented and uncertain time
+The possibility, not a guarantee, of changing our cohorts from three groups to two (Group A,B) which may cause more students to be present on more days.
Up until now we cannot stress how appreciative we are of our students, faculty, staff and all our families who have understood the difficulty and complexity in planning and preparing for this school year. We are still here making the best of an unknown situation as best we can...together! As a parent and school leader I am with you side by side. 
I understand that many families will disagree and may dislike changes to student programs at this time. Whether it be timing, the change in general, or any other reason. I assure you the last thing we ever want to do is change student programs after the way in which we have started the year. We do not appreciate, and we understand changing programs for a student is difficult under normal circumstances. I assure you we try to look at all options before we make changes. As this school year started and will end like no other, we must be fluid, flexible and understanding that each school is managing as two schools with a remote and in-person setting. This is all new to us as well and we just ask for your patience and calm as we find the best solutions to these matters. 
You may find that your child(ren) may not even see a change in program as its not guaranteed to happen to everyone. Each school has the right and obligation to make changes which take many factors into account and once we do make changes, we are unable to reverse a decision. We will notify individual students and families of changes as they take place.
I sincerely appreciate your time, understanding and support and I want you all to know you are doing the best possible job you can juggling all that has taken place already. We see you and we appreciate you.
Educationally Yours,
Lenny Santamaria