Free breakfast and/or lunch while on remote learning

The link below will provide you with information if you wish to pick-up a breakfast or lunch as "take-out" and will be available from 9am-12pm each day at the Auditorium entrance of the school next to the American flag on Durant Avenue.

Any student who comes to school on in-person learning days (Group A,B,C) will have a choice of a "grab and go" breakfast that will be available as they enter the school building. A student may eat in the classroom if they wish during first period so long as they are not in Physical Education class in the Gymnasium or a Talent class with no tables (ex. Dance). In-person learning days will have cold lunch available and sent to the classroom or a student may bring lunch from home.
We hope this information will assist you in your planning for days of in-person and remote learning at this time.
Lenny Santamaria