Opening of in-person schooling delayed

Dear I.S. 24 Families,
Today the DoE has released an official letter we have been asked to share with you regarding a decision made yesterday to delay the opening of in-person schooling.  This important adjustment is attached here and is also available in translated format on the Messages for Families page of the family-facing website. 
I understand every student and family was not prepared to hear of another delay to in-person learning but I must be transparent and make you aware that as a school we were not aware until the announcement was made publicly. We stand with you as educators and parents ourselves and hope to see our kids back here soon. For now, we will work with our students remotely.
We are forever grateful for your patience and understanding so far. There is no easy answer or simple fix to what is happening, and we are without question missing our students and the "normal" we expect in a school.  When we begin remote learning on Monday, September 21, 2020 we are expecting technical issues, delays, dropped video calls and a host of other problems. This is not being done on purpose, but it can be expected as over a million students will begin taking classes at the same time on-line.
Please, whatever you do, stay by our side as we will need each other to make this a successful year. Teachers, Custodial staff, Supervisors, and all Support Staff have not stopped working since September 8th preparing our school for students. I am proud of them and you would be as well. Problems and concerns still exist and we are monitoring and supporting as quickly as we can. 
I hope you are well and continue to be safe while we start on this adventure together. My regards to you and our students and rest assured we will be here for you as best we can.
Educationally yours,



Lenny Santamaria