Update from Mr. Santamaria

Dear I.S. 24 Students and Families,
My thoughts are with all of you at this time and I am aware that so many students and families are dealing with our new way of doing things very differently and to the best of their ability. Please know there is no wrong way.  Many of you have shared feedback and advice as to what is working and where you can use some assistance. We are listening and making some changes that we believe will help everyone over the next few days and weeks. The points below are all I can share as of this afternoon as we wait for more information from the NYC Department of Education.
  1. Attendance: Students will receive a message each morning starting on Monday, April 6, 2020 and until further notice to track interaction with the school for attendance purposes. The message will arrive through Google classroom to each student and students must respond between 7:40am-12:00pm each day. This will be our daily way to track attendance so we may report it to the NYC Department of Education.
  2. Spring Recess: As of Friday, April 3, 2020 at 3:00pm we do not have official information regarding remote learning taking place during Spring Recess. As soon as it is released and we can understand the impact for our students, school and families we will share that with you. As you may have heard the Governor of New York State has canceled Spring Recess so that Remote Learning can continue for students and all schools.
  3. Remote Learning: Much of the learning assigned by Teachers over the last ten days was to strengthen learning standards and re-teach topics so it would give everyone an opportunity to prepare and ease into this new way of doing things. We are comfortable and ready to share that our teachers will begin moving to new units of study in the curriculum now that the NYS ELA and Math exam will not be administered and we can focus more on learning standards to teach skills as we had been doing.
Remember to keep following us on instagram, facebook and our website www.barnes24.org for news and updates.  For questions on end-of-year events such as Arista, Graduation, the eighth grade Dance, and other celebrations it is too early to decide and make a decision on what that will or will not look like so please be patient with us.
I am hearing such great things about our students and Teachers working online and I know we will be stronger when things get back to the normal we hope for. 


Lenny Santamaria