A note to our families

Dear I.S.24 Families,

            We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well. We certainly miss our students and our normal everyday life. Our hope is that you are effectively transitioning into remote learning and using the hours of the normal school day 7:40am-2:00pm to do so. We understand that at this time it can be very difficult for our students to adapt to a in-home learning environment. We wanted to give you some strategies to support all students, especially our students with special needs and our ENL students. Our school is not asking for an exact "check-in time" as we are aware of how complex it is for families to all be on a limited amount of devices or lack of one while you await a device. A student can "check-in" with assignments and responding to messages from Teachers in Google Classroom and Pupilpath. 


Please support your child in maintaining a regular school bedtime and wake up schedule so students can stay on track with their remote learning. We would suggest creating a schedule that fits your remote learning needs. Staying on a schedule is one of the most important aspects of remote learning. We want our students to feel that things are as normal as possible. Be sure to include Physical Education or movement breaks throughout the day as well as leaving time for some chores (community service). 


We expect to release third marking period grades out to you and your child via Pupilpath in the afternoon of Friday, March 27th as we are now in the fourth marking period officially.


We have shared different resources that would allow you to better support your child during this time. We understand that the transition into remote learning will take some time to be ironed out, but we want you to know we are here to support you. See the link below on how to guide you through Google Classroom and examples to support your child(ren) regarding time management while learning remotely


As parents, families and professionals working from home our school community we will become a little better each day at this but nobody will be perfect right at the start. 


Lenny Santamaria