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PTA 8th Grade Dance 2022 - Payment and Consent Form

PTA 8th Grade Dance Payment and Consent Form

Parent/Guardian & Student must complete this form together.  If you select online payment, you should have your credit card information ready as you will be prompted to enter payment information at the bottom of the consent form.  Please read each section of the form carefully and fill in all required fields.  You will have the option at the bottom to pay online OR to send in cash or money order.  EVERYONE must fill out this permission form.

Please fill all the information out to the best of your ablilty so that the PTA chaperones have anything they might need to assist your child on the evening of the dance.  We have included important information for the dance below.

Dance Information:

Location: Nicotra's Ballroom at the Hilton Garden Inn

Time: 5pm-8pm

Cost: $80

We will provide more information regarding arrival and dismissal proceedures when we get closer to the date.  

Please note, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email the PTA president Laura Sannicandro at [email protected]

Student's Official Class *
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Please review & answer the following questions carefully.  If an item does not apply to your child, please reply "none".

I agree that in the event of an emergency, injury or illness, the volunteers in charge of the dance may act on my behalf and at my expense in obtaining medical treatment for my child.*
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I understand that I am responsible for getting my child to and from the departure and return site (The Hilton Garden Inn). I understand that my child shall be accompanied by staff member(s) during the event.*
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Food Allergies

Does your child have any food allergies or medical conditions that we should be aware of at the dance?*
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Restriction of Contact

Please review & answer the following questions carefully.  If nothing applies to your child, please reply "none".

Is there person(s) who may not be in contact with your child? *
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Permission for PTA Dance

I give my child permission to participate in this event.*
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By typing my name below, I am electronically signing this consent form for the PTA I.S. 24 event described in this document. 

  • I am the parent/guardian in this form, I am not the student/child completing this form.
  • I am acknowledging that any misbehavior by my child at the dance will be shared with school administration.
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We cannot wait to celebrate the end of your school year with you!

The I. S. 24 PTA

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